What is EinFrame?

EinFrame is an innovation management SaaS tool built for organisations that want to transform the future.

EinFrame makes it easier to become ISO 56000 compliant by following best practices and insights from the experts who have created the standards.

The Story Of EinFrame

It was 2014, beautiful pre winters in Jaipur, India in the middle of October. Dr. Ripi was introduced to our organisation (Genus) as an innovation advisor and coach. Some of us, jaded and cynical, were asked to attend his workshop with nary a hope of whether innovation can be taught to anyone. None of us was prepared to be dazzled by the brilliant exposition and structure that Dr. Ripi brought to the table.

The meat of the workshop started with a whirlwind tour of all of Dr. Ripi’s tools (about 100 at the time, list has grown and morphed over time) and models to identify and manage all aspects of innovation. We were asked to identify the interesting ones, and the gaps in the list were augmented by Dr. Ripi himself. Over the next few days, we knit all the selected tools together and made plans for the next few months.

What happened next?…..Zilch, Nada, Crickets!

It turned out that the tools we had vowed to implement and deploy were all interlinked, and were beautifully woven together in a way that you could pluck at a thread and have the entire web affected. But that also meant, that the organisation had to be a well oiled machine, from data and information exchange point of view, the problem that we wanted to have solved in the first place.

As an aside, I was selected as Dr. Ripi’s lieutenant in the organisation. We came up with the idea that if there was an intelligent software solution, that took care of the connections within the tools, and could collate information for use from various sources into a cohesive whole, things would be much simpler. Once the idea germinated, we started scouting for someone who could take the idea and run with it; and execute to perfection. As our great fortune would have it, we discovered Runtime Software Private Limited, founded and chaperoned by Prashant Gupta. 

And, EinFrame was born!! Lovingly christened EinFrame honoring Einstein on the one hand, and  being a contraction of Enterprise Innovation Framework on the other. Prashant asked incisive questions, and we discovered connections and threads never conceived before. Runtime Software delivered beyond our expectations and deployed the framework. It has been in active use since.

EinFrame is now poised to be infused with intelligence augmentation. With data and insights gathered from the entire dataset, it will start delivering insights soon. With silicon brains, the conundrum of whether to go wide or go deep does not really constrain the framework. Runtime Software has been our innovation partner all along and is poised to help us take the solution to that new level.

– By Vaibhav Garg (EinFrame User, Designer and Adviser)